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Group Profile

Zhejiang Sunshine Group Co., Ltd. runs with its business distributed globally with western and Chinese integration, and multi-industry operation. It learns from others’ strong points to make up its weaknesses and becomes the leader who provides original power for the industrial development. It is engaged in international trade, ocean shipping, coastal shipping, real estate development and investment, industrial equity investment, pawn, fund management and investment and many other fields.

Sunshine firmly believes that “take the essence and discard the dregs” is the key to maintaining the sustainable and stable development of the group as well as promoting the rapid and sound development of the industry. Sunshine Group has established long-term business in building materials, auto parts, machinery and energy&engineering, paper products, pharmaceuticals, coal, real estate development, pawn, media and many other industries. With diversified modes of investment and years of wide exploration and accumulation, it has learnt from the strong points of other industries to lay a unique and solid foundation for the development ,which promoted the sound and rapid development of industries covered by the Group. Zhejiang Sunshine Group ploughs through and never stops the creation of a better future. 

Sunshine adheres to the business purpose of honest management, customer-oriented and service-first, takes the advantages of the whole industrial chain for wide exploration, deep excavation, thick accumulation and fine development and upholds the investment philosophy of platform establishment, brand creation and mutual development. With perseverance and consistency, it has taken the lead in creating four characteristic modules of logistics, real estate investment and development, industrial investment and fund management which combined Sino-African trade and ocean and offshore, and formed the new pattern with integration of global distribution, investment trade and finance for the development of industrial group. 

Zhejiang Sunshine Group breaks through limits and is changing the world with its advancing and unique philosophy, complete development strategy and unique industrial structure. 

Sunshine believes that the beautiful future will be jointly created by us. 

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