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Talent Philosophy

Top-ranking talents will create first-class quality. Sunshine Group respects the morality of people, attaches importance to the value of people, cherishes the emotions of people, maintains the dignity of people and improves individual quality. 

The employment principle of Sunshine Group is “Stress on both integrity and ability, and give first priority to morality”. We respect talents while emphasizing fidelity and professional ethics; we respect individuality while requiring the unity of values. Team work is the backbone of the career of Sunshine Group. “Putting the sense of responsibility in the first place” is the requirement for every employee. 

Sunshine Group implements the talent strategy that “the capable should be promoted, the ordinary should hand over opportunity, and the incapable should take a back seat”. This provides opportunities for people who have aspirations and ability and offers them higher status and better treatment. We pursue the maximization of enterprise value as well as the value of employees. It creates wealth while cultivating talents. 

Welcome to join Sunshine Group for achieving mutual growth and creating excellence. 

Recruiting process:
Fill in the application form-interview/cognitive ability test-retest-issue acceptance notification-orientation health check-induction training-sign Labor Contract 

Fill in the application form:
Applicants complete and submit the application form through online application or by email or post. 

Cognitive ability test (interview): 
It tests the cognitive ability and professional knowledge of applicants for specific posts. It is a criterion for circuiting. 

Acceptance notification: 
After reviewing application form, cognitive ability test, initial and retest, we will decide the acceptance list within two weeks. The company will send offers to the applicants and inform them to take physical examination. 

Physical examination: 
The successful candidate will take orientation health check in the hospital designated by the company. 

Induction training: 
The company will carry out trainings for the employees in regard to the basic situations, cooperate culture and operating business 

Sign the Labor Contract 
After induction training, the new employees will come to their posts and sign the Labor Contract with the company 

(For details, please refer to the relevant employment recruitment system of the Sunshine Group)

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