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Construction and Real Estate Development


Meilinwan Project

     Huadu·Meilinwan is the first project jointly developed by Huadu Group and Sunshine Group. The project is located in the core region of the east part of Chengdu which reaches Chenglong Avenue to the north, lies on Township Government of Sansheng to the east, connects to the planned Huaxi Affiliated Hospital to the west and faced with the largest leisure area “Happiness Plum Forest” in Chengdu to the south. The project covers an area of 161mu with a construction of about 500,000 square meters. Zhejiang Sunshine Group accounts for 20% shares.  

     Meilinwan Project is the “Carrier-level” property in the east of Chengdu. It obtained the title of “2007 Residential Model Property in Chengdu Real Estate” in January 2008; the title of “2007 Top 20 Sales of Chengdu Commercial Residential Building” in April 2008; the title of “2009 Chengdu Excellent Green Ecology Residence” in Feburary 2010; 3# and 5# of Meilinwan Phase 1 awarded “Lotus Prize of High-quality Project”. 

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