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Construction and Real Estate Development


Mingyue Jiangnan Project 

    Greentown Hangzhou Mingyue Jiangnan Project (91#, 92# land parcel) was successfully purchased on December 8, 2009 with a total land fund of 3.75176 billion Yuan. Zhejiang Sunshine Group and Greentown Group jointly invested and established a project company for development and construction. On January 8, 2010, it obtained Business License of Hangzhou Greentown Sunshine Real Estate Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 100 million Yuan. Zhejiang Sunshine Group accounts for 45% of shares. 

    Project planning: Mingyue Jiangnan project is the first project for Greentown to enter Binjiang. The residence orientation is middle-end and high-end products. It is planned to build 14 high-rise departments. The orientation of products is second-generation high-rise style. It covers an area of 102,411m2 and a total construction area of 333,700m2. The delivery time of the project is on December 30, 2014. 

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