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Work for the Same Goal and Create a Better Future Together - 2014 Annual Meeting of Sunshine Group

Release time:2014-02-27 | Views:1023


   Work for the same goal and create a better future together! January 24 afternoon saw the grand event of 2014 Sunshine Group Annual Meeting in the multi-function hall of Hangzhou Nade Hotel. Chairman of the board Wu Hongxin, president Li Pengcheng, other Group executives, persons in charge of overseas companies, employee representatives in Hangzhou subsidiaries and all the staff in Group headquarter gathered together to participate in the Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting was full of warmth, passion and liveliness. Chairman of the board Wu briefly recalled the hard pioneering days and major achievements for the last sixteen years and gave full recognition and encouragement to the efforts and dedications of all companies. At the same time, Wu also pointed out that the Sunshine Group should focus on team cultivating and building, promote the connation of corporate culture and further improve the scientific and normative management in 2014. President Li also emphasized the exciting events and objectives in 2014. Everyone in the Annual Meeting thrilled at the bright future.

 Over a decade had passed with winter snow and summer rain and changes of seasons. People’s values were brought out with their dedication over time. There were a number of Sunshine people who had devoted themselves out of their passion for the business, recognition for the company and shared values. Day after day, year after year, they’d rooted in Sunshine and committed themselves with a down-to-earth attitude and without regrets. The honor went to Mr. Ma Xihua, Mr. Li Xiangdong and Mz Wang Yue. Chairman of the board Mr. Wu Hongxin presented them Certificate of Decade Employee and souvenirs. The most sincere congratulations and warmest applause were given to them by all the company staff.

The crepitation of firecrackers sends off the old year. Sweet wine and spring wind brings warmth into thousands of homes. Old couplets are replaced with new ones. The game of Firecrackers to Celebrate Chinese New Year kicked off the Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting was wonderful and exciting. Various funny games and exciting lucky draw activity were the finest moments.

As a multi-national company, Sunshine Group had half of its business in Africa. When we gathered together to celebrate the Chinese New Year, our colleagues in foreign companies sent us blessing videos. Those who had to work and couldn’t make it to the Annual Meeting also sent us the blessing videos. In the big family of Sunshine Group, we shared the celebration all together no matter where you were.

Company leaders interacted with staff like a family. The applauses and cheers waved across the hall from time to time. We enjoyed the feast with happiness knowing no bounds, giving us a rewarding experience. All members toasted to a new year with the delicious dinner. The Annual Meeting came to a happy end in harmony, warm and convivial atmosphere.

Walking through the past years, the strenuous sweat was just wiped out.
Looking back on the journey, the smile of victory is spreading.
Hand in hand, we share the glory and gratefulness.
Looking forward to the future, let’s work together!

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