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SUNSHINE Industrial Group Started an Outward-Bound Activity

Release time:2014-05-22 | Views:1072


There is a saying: United we stand, divided we fall. Which it tells us how important is a well organized group to a company. So at 25th April, Sunshine industrial group organized the entire 30 employees joined an outward-bound activity in Little Cabbage Garden in Yuhang district..
The Outward-Bound Activity started at 9 o’clock. At the beginning, the coach asked us to play some warm up games like “mutual massage” “3 or 5” which to help all of us to know each other, break the barriers between people, to establish the basis of mutual trust and create a happy and harmonious team atmosphere. Then the 30 people are divided into two groups. Each team should select a logo, slogan and song to stand for them. Then the coach announced the official tasks with the mandate issued by the rules, as is how to get under the conditions we have completed the task, there are several rules, from easy to difficult, also represents the environment changing. Before beginning the task, coach repeatedly asked us to focus on the time and way to complete the task, of course, a team should have a good cohesion characteristic which can lead a team towards to a same goal, luckily, we all made it, we discuss, brainstorm, although we had controversial, differences opinions, but all of the members know there is just one goal in the task. We all hands in the air, to celebrate the small success. Each time after a task is completed, the instructor will ask us to think about what we could learn from it, some people say it means nothing, but more people are learn something about team more or less. In fact, it’s not a bad idea summed up by seeing, by the micro- renowned, we ask ourselves, whether you are on your life through small sum for once。 In our work in life we need to sum up often, that we will have progress to improve. Summary will let you review the past, face now, to see the future, and only that, you will follow your heart, follow your own life goal.
During the lunch time, considering we have many new joiners, the coach gave us a special task which is to memory names of the group, he will test us randomly later, if anyone failed it, the entire member in his group will get a punishment. So everybody just walk around to introduce themselves and to know other’s name at lunch.
In the afternoon, Real CS finally staged, we held four campaigns, each group did a rigorous investigation and careful the experience of the joy of success and dedication, collaboration and courage to bring back everyone deeply felt "tasks, collaboration essence, self-confidence ", the event was a complete victory l planning before the battle start, In the battle, some people charge and break through enemy lines, some back up and protect them., we experience the joy of teamwork during the confrontation, feeling triumphant in sweating in joy, but also enhanced mutual understanding. Live CS activities require employees to have a strong sense of discipline, timely and reasonable solution to emergencies in a rapidly changing environment, we appreciate everyone is importance to the management team and good communication is the key in the real business activities
At the end, we experienced how a team started, how a team work together, how a team to conquer the difficult. We also experience the joy of success and dedication, collaboration and courage to bring back everyone deeply felt "tasks, collaboration essence, and self-confidence ".

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